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Ensuring the security of business activities from computer systems is one of the blocks of the security problem in general. Protection against computer crimes should begin with the development of the concept of information security of the company. On the basis of the probability of threat, the possibility of protection, and the economic feasibility of protecting information, specific methods of protection are being developed. Check what they are.

What Are the Methods of Computer Security Protection?


Cyber security measures can be divided into two groups: organizational and technical.

·       Organizational methods are associated with restricting possible unauthorized physical access to computer systems.

·       Technical methods involve the use of software and hardware tools, primarily aimed at restricting the access of a user working with computer systems of the company to that information that he does not have the right to access.

Today, most big companies prefer to hire a specialist who can provide the guaranteed cyber security. If you choose this method, take into account the PCI compliance cost, which depends on the experience of the Security Assessor.

5 Areas of Technical Protection of a Computer System


Practitioners distinguish, for example, the following main areas of technical protection of a computer system:

·       protection of information resources from unauthorized access and use - means are used to control power-up and software downloads, as well as password protection methods when entering the system;

·       protection against leakage through the side channels of electromagnetic radiation and interference - by shielding equipment, rooms, using masking noise generators, additional checking the equipment for compromising radiation;

·       information protection in communication channels and switching nodes - authentication procedures of subscribers and messages, encryption and special communication protocols are used;

·       protection of the legal significance of electronic documents - in case of trust between two business entities, when there is a need to transfer documents (payment orders, contracts) over computer networks - to determine the sender's truth, the document is supplemented with a “digital signature” - a special label, inextricably logically linked to the text and generated using a secret cryptographic key;

·       protection of automated systems from computer viruses and illegal modification - immunostable programs and mechanisms for modifying software facts are used.

An effective way to limit unauthorized access to computer systems is also to regularly change passwords, especially when dismissing employees who have information about the protection methods.