Several methods to download the current slrn

There are several different methods to get a fresh copy of slrn. There may be a copy already available from your distribution if you are using Linux and perhaps this will be enough for you. However it is strongly advised that you obtain the "vanilla" source code, compile and install it yourself. This way any decisions about configure options, patches and installation paths are your choices. There are several choices to accomplish this:

  1. Download the release version. This option downloads the official release tarball either from Sourceforge or from the ftp site of John E. Davis.
  2. Download the development version. This option downloads the development version of slrn from JED's git repository.
  3. Use precompiled binaries. This option downloads precompiled binaries made up for specific distributions.

Besides the obvious need for compiling software slrn 0.9.9p1 requires version 2 of S-Lang and its "development" files to be installed before compiling slrn. If the required S-Lang library is not available from your distribution it can be downloaded from John E. Davis's S-Lang Library Information Page.

Download the release version

The source code for slrn 0.9.9p1 is held on the Sourceforge website or, as is demonstrated below, it can be downloaded directly from the ftp site of John E. Davis and compiled in the usual manner:

$ wget
$ tar xzvf slrn-0.9.9p1.tar.gz
$ cd slrn-0.9.9p1
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install

The various configure options can be seen by using the ./configure --help command. Note: there has been a great deal of work done in recent time with slrn so you are strongly advised to use either the release version 0.9.9p1 or the development version of slrn rather than older releases such as

Download the develpment version

The development version of slrn is kept in JED's git repository and can be freely accessed from here once suitable git software has been installed. The following command downloads the git slrn source code:

$ git clone git://

This places the source code into a directory called slrn and from this directory the source code can be compiled and installed as demonstrated above. To update the source code simply issue the command git pull from the slrn directory and then compile and install as before. For those who do not wish to access the git repository in this way a development snaphot of slrn, and of other software produced by JED, can be found here.

Use precompiled binaries

The following table lists some of the binary packages made available for the most part by slrn enthusiasts. The slrn community owes a debt of gratitude to those people who have made the following packages available.

Pre-compiled Binaries of slrn
OS Version Maintainer
BeOS Yasuo Yamashita
CentOS 0.9.9.p1 Ralph Angenendt
Debian (stable) 0.9.9~pre111-1 Jörg Sommer
Debian (testing) 1.0.0~pre18-1 Jörg Sommer
Debian (unstable) 1.0.0~pre18-1 Jörg Sommer
FreeBSD 0.9.9p1 Shaun
Mac OS X 0.9.9-1 Max Horn
NetBSD various
openSUSE 1.0~pre18 Scott Jones
OS/2 various
Solaris Markus Mayer
Ubuntu Current svn Thomas Wiegner
Windows (32bit) 0.9.9p1 Thomas Wiegner

Note however when considering the use of these binaries that it is often better to compile your own "vanilla" copy of slrn from source code and certainly if you wish to apply patches you will need the original source code. This does not take away from the debt owed to those maintainers who have provided these packages!