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September 27th, 2014 marked the release of slrn 0.9.9p1 which is a patch release for slrn 0.9.9. It is a recommended upgrade and contains many small bugfixes which can be seen in the changelog. Directions for obtaining slrn 0.9.9p1 can be found on the download page of this site. And remember 'Have fun!'.

Could You Recognize a Cash Advance Scam?

Like many online industries, cash advance loans are not without their fair share of attempted fraud and theft. Being able to recognize these things can not only help you avoid losing your hard earned money, but it also helps to ensure that these crooks end up behind bars and that other consumers are protected.


The first thing you should understand is that National cash advance now is not a lender. We do not issue any credit whatsoever, and since we do not act as agents for any of our lenders, we will never contact you to collect a debt or gather information.

If you receive a telephone call or an email from someone claiming to be a representative of Instant approved payday loans who is demanding immediate repayment of a cash advance loan or who is asking for you to provide personal information - especially information that was already provided on your loan application - this is a scam.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams that surround cash advance loans are often a bit harder to detect, but it can be done. These scams start with a fraudster essentially copying a website - whether ours or a lender’s - and associating it with a domain name that is a common misspelling of the intended domain.

The fraudster’s intention is to dupe consumers like you into providing your personal information on a website that looks legitimate but is really a carbon copy designed to help scammers prevent identity theft. To avoid this, please double check the spelling of any web address you enter.

Debt Collection Scams

Reporting Scams

When it comes to be afraid of fraud and theft as long as you know what to look for. If you ever feel as if you are being targeted, gather as much information about the experience as possible and contact your local authorities.