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5. slrnpull

5.1 What is slrnpull?

slrnpull is a program that pulls a small newsfeed from an NNTP server and saves it to a local spool. slrn can subsequently read from this spool without needing to contact the server, so you can use both programs together to read your news offline (e.g. because you pay for your Internet connection by the second).

Since version, slrnpull optionally allows you to pull only the article headers first, mark those you are interested in for download inside of slrn and get only the marked article bodies later. This can reduce download cost and disk space for groups in which you only want to read a small percentage of all articles. If you are interested in this functionality, please read slrnpull/README.offline.

5.2 Why can't I post when using slrnpull?

In order to post an article via slrnpull, slrn needs to place the article in slrnpull's out.going directory. Two things are necessary for this to happen:

First of all, slrn must know that you are using the slrnpull out.going directory for posts. Make sure the line

        set use_slrnpull 1
is in your slrnrc file. This indicates to slrn that the news spool is an slrnpull news spool.

The second point is, you must have write permission to the out.going directory in order for slrn to place your article in that directory. The permissions may be changed via the Unix command:

        chmod ugo+rwxt out.going
Do not put this in your slrnrc file!

5.3 How do I get a full list of newsgroups?

You will have to go online for that. Run slrn as follows:

        slrn --nntp -h YOUR.NEWS.SERVER -a -f groups.dat --create
This will start slrn and download the groups and put them in the file groups.dat. Before actually doing this, modify your slrnrc file to make sure write_newsrc_flags has its default setting
        set write_newsrc_flags 0
so that all groups will be written out to groups.dat.

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